Headshot: Chet Harding Headshot: Chet Harding

New video -- The Penetrator. Chet plays Mark Hardin, code name The Penetrator -- an ex-CIA operative who loves women and food and hates Communism.

Chet Harding, Embedded Reporter. Chet as a hard-hitting mock investigative reporter examining underage drinking on college campuses.

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Chet Harding is an actor, writer and director specializing in comedic acting and improvisation. One of his current projects is Peanut Hunt, a televison pilot that he wrote and acted in that is currently being pitched to various networks. He is a co-founder of Improv Asylum, an acclaimed improvisation and sketch comedy theater in Boston that has been featured on HBO. He has directed, written for and acted in hundreds of mainstage shows there. In addition to running the Boston business, Chet is the Director of the New York branch of Improv Asylum and an executive producer of the Improv Asylum LA cast.His improvisation and acting background includes the Second City Conservatory Program and acting with Chicago's Factory Theater. He has also performed stand-up comedy in Boston, Chicago, and LA. Chet recently co-starred in the Newport Film Festival project In the Can, appearing opposite Saturday Night Live's Rachel Dratch. He has also been featured in Dewar's national "Profiles" advertising campaign (as seen in Maxim magazine).

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